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How to be patients in Islam.

This post, is for my guidance and I hope, it will help you too.

And seek help in patience and As-Salah and truly it is extremely heavy and hard except for humbly submissive [to Allah]”[Quran chapter 2, Verse 45].
Patience comes first in the sequence of this ayah. Patience is not an easy behavior to gain. The Almighty has granted us several examples of patience shown by the Prophets  during hard times, in the Sunnah and the Qur’an. He has also detailed for our perusal their dua’s which received a favorable answer. One of the most powerful of these narrations told to us by Allah  is the one of Ayyub . There are many gems of wisdom in this story for a productive Muslim.

The Story of Ayyub 

Ayyub  was a Prophet of Allah . It is said he was a descendant of Ibrahim  and was extremely wealthy. He had plenty of livestock, cattle, and crops, many children and beautiful houses. Ayyub  was a devotee of Allah. He was engaged in constant remembrance of Allah, giving charity to the poor in such an extensive way that it is narrated that an angel said:
“The best creature on earth today is Ayub, a man of noble character who displays excellent patience and always remembers his Generous Lord. He is an excellent model for the worshippers of Allah. In return, his Lord has blessed him with a long life and plenty of riches, yet he is never haughty or selfish. His family, his servants, as well as the needy and the poor share in his good fortune. He feeds and clothes the poor and buys slaves to set them free. He makes those who receive his charity feel as if they are favouring him, so kind and gentle is he.”
Ayyub was tested in all his riches, losing everything he had: possessions, children. Then he was tested with regard to his body until there was no part of it that was healthy except his heart. Everybody around him shunned him: friends, relatives and even strangers; he was left alone on the edge of the city and there was no one who treated him with compassion except for his wife, who took care of him. He lived in a state of indigence, sickness for 13, 17, or 18 years depending on the narrations. The Prophet of Allah, Ayyub , had the utmost patience! He is the best example of that. So much that Allah praised him in His Glorious Quran:
“…Truly! We found him patient. How excellent a slave! Verily, he was ever oft-returning in repentance to Us”[38:44].

Dua of Ayuub 

Yazid bin Maysarah said: “When Allah tested Ayyub, upon him be peace, with the loss of his family, wealth and children, and he had nothing left, he started to focus upon the remembrance of Allah, and he said:
I praise You, the Lord of lords, Who bestowed His kindness upon me and gave me wealth and children, and there was no corner of my heart that was not filled with attachment to these worldly things, then You took all of that away from me and You emptied my heart, and there is nothing to stand between me and You. If my enemy Iblis knew of this, he would be jealous of me.
The Qur’an teaches us that Ayyub  said:
“And (remember) Ayyub, when he cried to his Lord: “Verily, distress has seized me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy”[21:83].
 Came the answer of Allah:
“So We answered his call, and We removed the distress that was on him, and We restored his family to him, and the like thereof along with them as a mercy from Ourselves and a Reminder for all those who worship Us.”[21:84]
Ibn Kathir in his tafsir mentioned “a Reminder for all those who worship Us”:
We made him an example lest those who are beset by trials think that We do that to them because We do not care for them, so that they may take him as an example of patience in accepting the decrees of Allah  and bearing the trials with which He tests His servants as He wills.’ And Allah  has the utmost wisdom with regard to that.
What a happy end for those who trust Allah ! We should learn to remain productive in the darkest times and make the most of every single minute of it. Following this example we could:
Step 1 – Say Alhamdulillah first.
“The real patience is at the first stroke of a calamity”[Bukhari].
Step 2 – Engage ourselves in repentance in an extensive way.
Step 3 – Trust Allah whatever befalls us and think well of Him. During the dark times of Ayyub’s  tribulations he kept thinking well of Allah.
Step 4 –
“Verily, distress has seized me, and You are the Most Merciful of all those who show mercy.”[21:83].
We should make dua to Allah alone, using duas from the Quran and Sunnah.
Step 5 – Be patient; we shouldn’t be hasty in obtaining an answer from Allah . And remember, Allah, most merciful loves us and everything that befalls us is for the best.
Step 6 – Stay away from sins.
Step 7 – Be proactive by being thankful in times of ease.
…And whosoever has Taqwa of Allah, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish his purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things”[65:2-3].

Till then,


Maping in Geomatics

Hello dan assalammualaikum!

so basically tengok tajuk dah tahu nak bincang pasal apa pulak kalini.
Segala info yang Fae share kat sini, berdasarkan apa yang Fae belajar, apa yang Fae rasa okay that's it, I dah faham. 
maping jugak adalah satu topik yang paling Fae suka, interesting tau buat peta ni; macamana kita boleh transform dari sehodoh-hodoh pelan, jadi peta yang cantik dengan warna dia, dengan bentuk dia yang kemas.

Soalan berkenaan maping memang soalan yang paling common gila ditanya dalam segala jenis quiz, test, final exam dalam semester 1. So at the end of the semester kalau korang tak faham jugak, itu bukan masalah otak korang berkarat, tu korang sendiri malas nak ambil tahu, so buangkan sifat malas tu okay?

Simple je nak hafal jenis peta dengan function dia ni sebenarnya. Actually bukan nak kata hafal lah, it's tahu dan faham.

Selama ni apa yang korang tahu pasal peta? mesti terbayang anything gambar peta malaysia ke, peta zoo negara kan ha. Cantik kan peta tu, mudah faham, senang nak tahu info2 tempat tersebut. Itu lah matlamat kita buat peta.

Definisi Pemetaan :
Peta adalah gambaran permukaan bumi pada bidang datar dengan skala tertentu ,sebagaimana nampak dari atas udara yang dilengkapi skala, arah mata angin, dan simbol-simbol. Dengan kata lain,peta adalah gambaran permukaan bumi yang diperkecil dengan skala. Agar dapat dipahami oleh pengguna/pembaca, maka peta harus diberi tulisan dan simbol-simbol.

examples of local maps used in Malaysia :

Secara menyeluruh, Peta terbahagi kepada dua, ada Peta Umum dan Peta yang bertema (Peta Tematik) . 

Jangan confius ye dengan Peta Kadaster (Cadastral), Kadaster ni sebenarnya satu proses dalam penghasilan peta, so basically kadaster ni ada dalam semua jenis peta, dia bukanlah jenis peta. Kat bawah ni nanti Fae terangkan secara terperinci tentang kadaster.

1 ) Peta Umum.

Peta umum ni peta yang basic, yang biasa kita nampak. Mesti dah biasa kan dengar perkataan Fizikal dan Budaya dalam peta.

Peta umum adalah peta yang menggambarkan permukaan bumi secara umum. Peta umum ini memuatkan semua benda yang terdapat di suatu daerah, baik Fizikal (alam) mahupun budaya. 

Fizikal misalnya sungai, gunung, laut, tasik dan lain-lain. Manakala,  budaya pula ialah jalan raya, jalan kereta api, penempatan bandar dan lain-lain. 

Disebut peta umum kerana peta ini bersifat umum sehingga boleh digunakan untuk umum dengan berkongsi macam tujuan. Unsur-unsur yang disajikan tidak hanya satu atau dua jenis saja tetapi berlainan membentangkan semua unsur di muka bumi ini dengan mengambil kira skala yang umumnya sangat terhad.

-     Jenis Peta Umum : 
  • Peta Topografi
  • Peta Chorografi
  • Peta Malaysia
  • Peta Dunia
Peta Topografi

-  Peta topografi iaitu peta yang menggambarkan bentuk relief (tinggi rendahnya permukaan bumi. Dalam peta topografi digunakan garis kontur (countur line) iaitu garis khayal yang menghubungkan tempat-tempat yang mempunyai ketinggian sama. 

Pada peta topografi sendiri,garis kontur digmbar dengan warna coklat muda. Kontur berguna untuk memberikan informasi relatif tentang relief. Relief ini merupakan suatu bentuk yang memperlihatkan perbedaan dalam ketinggian dan kemiringan dari bentuk-bentuk yang tidak sama di permukaan bumi. Relief dihubungkan dengan suatu bentuk atau model keseluruhan muka bumi dalam bentuk tiga dimensi. 

Selain itu, peta topografi juga digunakan sebagai dasar dalam pembuatan peta-peta tematik seperti,peta kehutanan, peta pariwisata, peta penggunaan lahan,dan sebagainya.

Peta Chorografi

– Peta chorografi adalah peta yang menggambarkan seluruh atau sebagian permukaan bumi dengan skala yang lebih kecil antara 1 : 250.000 sampai 1:1.000.000 atau lebih. Peta chorografi menggambarkan daerah yang luas, misalnya propinsi, negara, benua bahkan dunia. Dalam peta chorografi digambarkan semua kenampakan yang ada pada suatu wilayah di antaranya pegunungan, gunung, sungai, danau, jalan raya,jalan kereta api, batas wilayah, kota, garis pantai, rawa dan lain-lain. Atlas adalah kumpulan dari peta chorografi yang dibuat dalam berbagai tata warna.

Peta Malaysia – Peta ini menggambarkan wilayah Malaysia secara keseluruhan

Peta dunia
– Peta ini merupakan peta yang menggambarkan seluruh bagian permukaan bola bumi.

2 ) Peta Bertema (Tematik)
Disebut peta bertema atau tematik karena peta tersebut hanya menggambarkan satu atau dua kenampakan pada permukaan bumi yang ingin ditampilkan. Dengan kata lain, yang ditampilkan berdasarkan tema tertentu.
Pada peta tematik,objek yang disajikan dalam bentuk gambar dengan menggunakan simbol-simbol serta mempunyai tema tertentu sesuai dengan maksud tujuannya. Peta tematik bisa dibuat sesuai dengan tema yang diperlukan,misalnya dalam perencanaan suatu daerah, administrasi, manajemen, perusahaan-perusahaan, pendidikan, militeri, dan sebagainya.
Selain itu alam perkembangan ilmu pengetahuan,peta tematik mepunyai hubungan yang erat dalam hal penyajian data untuk keperluan perencanaan dalam bidang-bidang tertentu, seperti: geologi, geografi, pertanahan, perkotaaan, sosial ekonomi, kependudukan, dan sebagainya. Untuk penggambaran peta tematik diperlukan peta dasar sebagai kerangka yang menggambarkan batas wilayah, sungai, dan jalan ataupun yang lainnya. Pada peta dasar tersebut kemudian data-data tematis dapat dipetakan. Data yang digambarkan pada peta tematik dapat diperoleh dari hasil survei atau pengukuran langsung dari foto udara maupun dari data-data statistik.
Contoh peta tematik :

  • ·         Peta curah hujan (isohyet) – Peta ini merupakan peta yang menjelaskan banyaknya curah hujan yang sama di suatu tempat
  • ·         Peta kepadatan penduduk – Peta ini menggambarkan perbandingan jumlah penduduk di suatu wilayah dengan luas daerahnya. Dari peta kepadatan penduduk untuk membezakan kepadatan penduduk tiap wilayah ditunjukkan dengan perbezaan warna. Berdasarkan keterangan pada peta kita dapat mengidentifikasi bahwa misalnya warna hitam menunjukkan kepadatan penduduknya lebih dari 701 orang setiap 1 km2,warna agak hitam menunjukkan kepadatan penduduknya antara 400 orang sampai 700 orang setiap 1 kilometer persegi dan warna putih menunjukkan kepadatan penduduknya kurang dari 400 orang setiap 1 kilometer persegi.
  • ·         Peta penyebaran hasil pertanian
  • ·         Peta penyebaran hasil tambang,
  • ·         Peta jalur penerbangan atau pelayaran
  • ·         Peta anomali gaya berat
  • ·         Peta tata guna lahan
  • ·         Peta pendaftaran tanah
  • ·         Peta Jenayah. Peta ini menggambarkan persebaran jenayah di suatu wilayah atau daerah
  • ·         Peta geologi. Peta ini merupakan peta yang menggambarkan struktur batuan dan sifat-sifatnya yang dapat mempengaruhi bentuk-bentuk permukaan tanah.
  • ·         Peta irigasi. Peta ini adalah peta yang menggambarkan tentang aliran sungai, waduk, bendungan air, dan saluran irigasi.
  • ·         Peta transportasi. Peta ini adalah peta yang mennjelaskan jalur-jalur lalu lintas baik di darat maupun udara
  • ·         Peta lokasi. peta ini merupakan peta yang menggambarkan letak suatu tempat di permukaan bumi di lapisan atmosfer.
  • ·         Peta arkeologi. Peta yang menggambarkan penyebaran letak benda-benda atau peninggalan purba
  • ·        Peta tanah. Peta tanah ini adalah peta yang menggambarkan dan menggolongkan jenis jenis tanah dengan tingkat aktivitas manusia.
  • ·         Peta penggunaan lahan. Peta ini merupakan peta yang menggambarkan bentuk penggunaan tanah yang ada hubungannya dengan lingkungan geografis dan aktivitas manusia dan ruang publik untuk kehidupan.
Pada beberapa jenis peta yang menggambarkan tema tertentu (peta tematik) biasanya dilengkapi dengan data-data yang menyangkut unsur-unsur geografi seperti:;

  • ·         Luas wilayah keseluruhan dan bagian-bagiannya
  • ·         Lokasi suatu wilayah termasuk batas-batas administrasinya
  • ·         Letak, jarak, dan arah suatu tempat dengan tempat lainnya
  • ·         Persebaran berbagai macam jenis jenis sumber daya alam
  • ·         Persebaran kegiatan sosial ekonomi, dan budaya manusia
  • ·         Kenampakan alam atau fisik permukaan bumi atau data spesifik lainnya

2 ) the process involved in making and producing an accurate map ;

            In the process of making maps, the parties involved must make advance planning process mapping. Surveyors need to find the position of the coordinates for a location. After that, aerial photography done with digital aerial camera (DMC) and must be set according to a certain precision. Then, the data processing GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System. In this process, there are two ways to control the accuracy of a map by using satellite and ground control points. After that, the aerial triangulation. This process is to correlate the position of the image with the exact position on earth. The next process is digitization. This process requires a cartographer drawing back the image details such as houses, buildings, forests, lakes, roads and so on for stereo or 3D. Then, early editing is done on the map with topographic data set. After that, updating the field is done by survey in the field. If there is any change of position, the survey must be performed again. If nothing changes, the map-making process continues to make final edits, the generalization applied. This process is to remove the information which is important that there is the map. So, the map does not look full and difficult to understand. Next, the map will be completed through the process of cartography. Then, the print data process. Print the map is the last process in the manufacture and production of maps.

3 )  Cartography

         Cartography is related to all stages of the assessment, preparation, design, and painting required for the production of new maps or documents that have been amended based on any form of data base. This is included in all stages of the production process map, he also studies stem the map, its growth, and the use of methods of worship cartographic map. For example, putting distance and bearing to a position. Next, give the colors on the map. Talking about color, cartographer only allowed to use colors that have been set by the Malaysian government. In summary, the cartography is very important to give a clear understanding of and easy access to the user map.

Before you flip tables.

Yesterday was the perfect example of a bad day for me. It was one of those days where nothing just seems to work, you forget everything, you lose stuff, everything goes out of hand, and just as you thought the day couldn’t possibly get worse, something else comes up. Let’s not go into details, suffice it to say the day was just horrendous.
I did, however try my best to stay positive. Told my friend Aisyah who was with me that day everything that happened since morning. After hearing me rant about my miserable Sunday, she suddenly lit up- which definitely was a strange reflex. Uhm, hello, why are you happy over my suffering? Her answer was life-changing. She answered, “because your suffering means better things are coming!!!”
That positivity was so admirable MashaAllah. Her words instantly made me feel better. It was somewhat magical because I could have sworn I felt like trash two seconds before. The amount of faith she has for God is so profound. Another lesson I learnt that day was, sometimes we focus too much on the problem, we become somewhat blind towards the blessings existing concurrently. Allah says in the Quran, with hardship comes ease. WITH and not AFTER. SubhanAllah, Aisyah was definitely a blessing. She was simply heaven-sent. I’m so fortunate to have such optimistic friends who knows just the right things to say when I’m at my lowest.
When He removes something in your possession it is only in order to empty your hands for an even greater gift. - Ibn Qayyim
So if you’re having one of those days, remember, BETTER THINGS ARE COMING!
*cues “Jason Mraz - Life is Wonderful” in the background*
Love, light and laughter,

17days before Ramadhan

“اللَّهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي”
Oh Allah, You are the One who pardons, You love to pardon, so pardon me.
Do not let grief overburden you. This life is full of tests. And you will make mistakes. You will fall. You will feel empty. You will question everything. You will question yourself. But He lets you experience all these things, so that you perhaps you will reflect. Perhaps you might stop hurting yourself. Perhaps you will come back to His path. Because you belong to Him.
It is when we are hungry that we seek food. It is when we are thirsty that we seek water. It is when we are in the heat that we seek the shade. It is when we are in the cold that we seek warmth. It is when we are darkness that we are drawn to the light. So come back. Come back dear soul. Do not be sad. Allah is always near.

What To Cook?

Holla dear folks! Well, I love cooking, so I wanted to share what I'm recently cooked at this blog, for my references or others. I hope it might help others too. Let me know, if u use my recipes, and it works okay? ( if it doesn't work on you, don't tell me hahah jk )

I'll keep updating if I have a leisure times, but for now, here I a few recipes, that I made published.


  3 ) Patin masak Buttermilk

  4 ) Nasi Ayam 

   5 ) Pasta : Fettucini Carbonara

   6 ) Pasta : Spaghetti Bolognese

    7 ) Pasta : Spaghetti Marinara

    8 ) Pasta : Spaghetti Goreng 

Geomatics Engineering?

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته 

Well I am starting this page as a platform to express my thoughts on geomatics, my life as a geomatics student. Sorry, this site is still in the experimental process, so I’m not really sure what to put into it as of yet, have a few ideas, but that’ll take time.

So, I hope that this site can become a platform to all geomatics students alike. Since, well, the struggles and path in studying geo is quite universal throughout the world (the typical everyday facing sun, the burning face everyweek, the sleepless nights, the crazy assignments and deadline, the booking & calculation process, the conceptual).

Introduction :
1. Geomatik / Ukur Tanah?

Semester 1 :
1. Basic Surveying
2. Autocad
3. Maping in Geomatics
Semester 2 :
1. Engineering Survey
2. Astronomy
3. Geodesy

Semester 3 :
1. Engineering Survey Technology
2. Computer Programming
3. Cadaster Survey
Semester 4 :

Semester 5 :

Semester 6 :
1. Latihan Industri

Short Video explaining Ssurveying :

About the author


Holla and Assalammualaikum.

My name is Farah Nuraina Johari. I live in Kajang, Selangor. Studying Diploma in Land Surveying at University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (UTM KL). I am in the first semester of my second year.

My father works as a Land Surveyor (Sr) . He has been my best supporter in everything that I do and a person that I am very proud of. My mother is a housewife and starting a small business at home. I am the eldest from 3 sisters.

My challenge during studying is when I have to always move schools a few times. I started my Primary School in Bukit Beruntung Selangor for 2 years, moved to Kulim Kedah for the rest 4 years. Done my PMR at a Secondary School in Ipoh Perak and pursue my SPM in SM Teknik Melaka.

SM Teknik Melaka has made my interest grow in Engineering studies. And during school, I focused on achieving my goals of becoming an Engineer by learning English language, participating in extra-curricular activities and doing well in all my studies. I have the ambition to become a Civil Engineer because I have always been fascinated by looking at the bridges, buildings, and skyscrapers.

When I have been accepted to pursue my studies for Diploma in Land Surveying at UTM KL, it has also grew my interest more in this field and I realised that I love in maping. Now my ambition have grown to become a Geomatics Executive in Oil and Gas company. In UTM all the lecturers are very committed in teaching me in this field and nurture my interest and ambition.

In my junior year, I had joined CIDB club, Art and Culture Club, which relate to my interest and hobies. I also like to do voluntary work, community service and join USR programe in University. My first USR programe was in Sabah.

I really love to explore new adventurous things and extreme sports such as hiking, bungee jumping and cave diving in the future.

I like to take challenges and my Motto is "I Can Do It!". Any failures is a step for me to success. Any hardship is a path for my strengths.

Diploma in Land Surveying enables me to achieve my goals and it is a starting point for me to further my studies. It also gives me an opportunity to make a difference in the community.

So ohmy, I had explain all about me, like really all, if u have any inquiries about something related, do let me know okay.

for formal contact,

want to know about my daily life? do follow my instagram : @fraayna

quotes, arts, or personal thoughts,


xoxo 😘

Geomatik & Ukur Tanah?


Well hello dear folks, so today after so long not updating this blog, here I want to explain lil bit more about geomatic and ukur tanah. I'll be explaining in english, (because if it's in malay they will be so much merapu with my utagha accent and what not lol)

Tbh, I received tons of question from my juniors regarding this topics and I can't reply each of the question with a full details, some might loose the main point some had more info. So i'm really sorry, I'm just a human. 

So Geomatics and Ukur Tanah? is it the same course? How was the syllabus, same, not? How was Ukur Tanah in UTM, good, not? Relate ke dgn Geology, Geography or what else?

Here I'll be replying to those questions with short and simple, want to know more, go do research from other websites :

1) Yes my darling, it is the same course but it was different from the meaning, and nope geomatics was not the translation for ukur tanah , ukur tanah in english was land surveying 💁🏼 again, it's not like quantity surveying uh oh completely 💯 different.

geomatics engineering terms had been use widely around the world. while land surveying as I know, it just been use in Malaysia, otherwise, It's still the same, no difference at all.

2) Is it the same like geology or geography etc? Ohmy, absolutely not. maybe 40% yes for the geography, because we have to learn about maping, hydrography and else. but not that digging soil or land hahahah u couldn't make me laugh more huh? 😂

3) How was the syllabus? once u are in, you'll be find that the whole things need modern math, no worries again, u have another brain called computer and software name autocad ehe 😂💁🏼 The syllabus was extremely fun tho, more outdoor, more to explore :

Cadastral Surveying - Ukur Kadaster
Engineering Surveying - Ukur Kejuruteraan
Geodecy - Mengenai angkasa lepas
Hydrographic Surveying - Ukur Lautan
Remote Sensing - Mengukur imej permukaan bumi yang diambil dari satelit
Geographic Information System (GIS) - Sistem Maklumat Geografi
Global Positioning System (GPS) - Mengukur kedudukan koordinat titik muka bumi
 Aerial Photogrammetry - Pengukuran dari udara

All subjects were all among the compulsory subjects to be taken. So diploma & degree in 3 years and 2 years and a half, a lot of interesting knowledge and experience have been collected and studied. But still has a little knowledge and also need to read and want to improve my skills and to collect more experience in the real working world. That is, if suddenly I feel especially diligent.

 It's fun learning surveying in the ocean. Various petroleum exploration tu kan, how do you want to know the status and location of the impact of existing petroleum near the middle of the sea after that how can we set up a floating iron near the middle of the sea tu excavation works for oil and gas inhalation.

4) Course Ukur in UTM were all good and fully equipped with alat ukur, (eventho alat tk canggih mcm UTM Skudai but still good) and lecturer semua berpengalaman lama sgt dlm bidang ni, and bonus we have doctors as a lecturer. sama je Uitm or universiti swasta like GSTC or Geomatika, semua sama, mungkin alat berbeza sedikit, but course ni memang balanced in teori and fizikal. 

5) Surveyor Jobs include a variety of skills and techniques, which sometimes overlap with the use of land resources and marine natural or built by humans and prepare or revise maps and charts or plans in digital, graphic and pictorial. Thus they combine various skills in different ways to serve in the specialty, assisted by technicians and other assistants only in groups only.

The Classified Jobs in the Field Survey Are As Follows:
  • Juru Ukur Am
  • Ahli Kartografi
  • Juru Ukur Tanah
  • Juru Ukur Lombong
  • Juru Ukur Hidrografi
  • Juru Ukur Udara
  • Ahli Fotogrametrik
  • Juru Ukur Binaan
  • Juru Ukur Tani
  • Juru Ukur Bahan

If you wanna go for further studies at overseas with this course like Canada or Australia, or what not, it will be under faculty geoscience or civil engineering faculty. Wallahi I really want to continue my study at Tasmania, oh god please 🙏🏻

In a nutshell, if you are that kind of person who afraid to explore new things and not an outdoor person, you better don't take this course. If you think that you match this course, welcome my dear, there's nothing to be nervous and jiwa hati tak tenteram, trust me it will be 💯 fun, and more teamwork.
So I wish you all very best of luck! 
Allah yuftah alaikum! 
Till then, 

Resepi : Nasi Tomato dan Ayam Masak Merah

Resepi Oleh : Chef Hanieliza's
Rujukan : Buku Masakan 1 Hari 1 Resepi

5 cawan beras - cuci dan toskan 
1/2 cawan susu cair 
4 biji tomato - cincang 
1/2 cawan sos tomato 
2 s/b majerin /minyak sapi 
5 s/mb minyak 
Garam secukup rasa 
Air (ikut sukatan beras dalam 5 cawan gak) 
daun pandan disimpul or daun sup cincang 

bahan tumis 
3 ulas bawang putih - hiris 
5 ulas bawang merah - hiris 
1 inci halia - hiris 
3 biji Buah pelaga 
3 biji Bunga cengkih 
1 inci Kulit kayu manis 
2 kuntum Bunga lawang 

1. Tumis bawang merah, putih, halia dan rempah dengan minyak dan minyak sapi hingga kuning dan naik bau. Gunakan periuk rice cooker tu.. 
2. Masukkan susu cair, tomato,sos tomato, garam dan gaul rata. Tambah air dan biarkan mendidih. 
3. Masukkan beras & daun pandan/daun sup dan alihkan periuk kedalam tempat rice cooker dan biarkan masak. 
4. Apabila nasi telah kering, kacau rata tapi jangan sampai hancur.. 
5. Bolih dihidangkan bersana lauk ayam masak merah dan dalca atau kerabu timun.. 

Resepi Oleh : Chef Hanieliza's
Rujukan : Buku Masakan 1 Hari 1 Resepi

Bahan A
1 ekor ayam
1 labu bawang besar ~ potong gelang atau potong baji
2 sudu makan sos tomato
Minyak masak secukupnya
garam dan gula secukup rasa
sedikit serbuk kunyit

Bahan B
15 tangkai cilikering Kisar
2 inc halia ~ kisar
3 ulas bawang putih ~ kisar
1 labu bawang besar ~ kisar
2 batang serai ~ titik
4 biji tomato ~ potong baji

Ayam potong kecil, cuci bersih. Kemudian gaulkan dengan garam dan kunyit dan goreng sehingga masak. angkat dan ketepikan

Panaskan minyak dalam kuali
Tumiskan bahan yang dikisar hingga garing dan harum
Masukkan ayam, sos tomato, bawang besar, garam dan gula secukup rasa
Gaulkan sehingga sebati
Hidangkan bersama nasi tomato atau nasi lain yang sesuai. 

Sekian saja dari fae untuk harini. semoga bermanfaat dan sedap!

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