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Holla and Assalammualaikum.

My name is Farah Nuraina Johari. I live in Kajang, Selangor. Studying Diploma in Land Surveying at University Technology Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur (UTM KL). I am in the first semester of my second year.

My father works as a Land Surveyor (Sr) . He has been my best supporter in everything that I do and a person that I am very proud of. My mother is a housewife and starting a small business at home. I am the eldest from 3 sisters.

My challenge during studying is when I have to always move schools a few times. I started my Primary School in Bukit Beruntung Selangor for 2 years, moved to Kulim Kedah for the rest 4 years. Done my PMR at a Secondary School in Ipoh Perak and pursue my SPM in SM Teknik Melaka.

SM Teknik Melaka has made my interest grow in Engineering studies. And during school, I focused on achieving my goals of becoming an Engineer by learning English language, participating in extra-curricular activities and doing well in all my studies. I have the ambition to become a Civil Engineer because I have always been fascinated by looking at the bridges, buildings, and skyscrapers.

When I have been accepted to pursue my studies for Diploma in Land Surveying at UTM KL, it has also grew my interest more in this field and I realised that I love in maping. Now my ambition have grown to become a Geomatics Executive in Oil and Gas company. In UTM all the lecturers are very committed in teaching me in this field and nurture my interest and ambition.

In my junior year, I had joined CIDB club, Art and Culture Club, which relate to my interest and hobies. I also like to do voluntary work, community service and join USR programe in University. My first USR programe was in Sabah.

I really love to explore new adventurous things and extreme sports such as hiking, bungee jumping and cave diving in the future.

I like to take challenges and my Motto is "I Can Do It!". Any failures is a step for me to success. Any hardship is a path for my strengths.

Diploma in Land Surveying enables me to achieve my goals and it is a starting point for me to further my studies. It also gives me an opportunity to make a difference in the community.

So ohmy, I had explain all about me, like really all, if u have any inquiries about something related, do let me know okay.

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Geomatik & Ukur Tanah?


Well hello dear folks, so today after so long not updating this blog, here I want to explain lil bit more about geomatic and ukur tanah. I'll be explaining in english, (because if it's in malay they will be so much merapu with my utagha accent and what not lol)

Tbh, I received tons of question from my juniors regarding this topics and I can't reply each of the question with a full details, some might loose the main point some had more info. So i'm really sorry, I'm just a human. 

So Geomatics and Ukur Tanah? is it the same course? How was the syllabus, same, not? How was Ukur Tanah in UTM, good, not? Relate ke dgn Geology, Geography or what else?

Here I'll be replying to those questions with short and simple, want to know more, go do research from other websites :

1) Yes my darling, it is the same course but it was different from the meaning, and nope geomatics was not the translation for ukur tanah , ukur tanah in english was land surveying πŸ’πŸΌ again, it's not like quantity surveying uh oh completely πŸ’― different.

geomatics engineering terms had been use widely around the world. while land surveying as I know, it just been use in Malaysia, otherwise, It's still the same, no difference at all.

2) Is it the same like geology or geography etc? Ohmy, absolutely not. maybe 40% yes for the geography, because we have to learn about maping, hydrography and else. but not that digging soil or land hahahah u couldn't make me laugh more huh? πŸ˜‚

3) How was the syllabus? once u are in, you'll be find that the whole things need modern math, no worries again, u have another brain called computer and software name autocad ehe πŸ˜‚πŸ’πŸΌ The syllabus was extremely fun tho, more outdoor, more to explore :

Cadastral Surveying - Ukur Kadaster
Engineering Surveying - Ukur Kejuruteraan
Geodecy - Mengenai angkasa lepas
Hydrographic Surveying - Ukur Lautan
Remote Sensing - Mengukur imej permukaan bumi yang diambil dari satelit
Geographic Information System (GIS) - Sistem Maklumat Geografi
Global Positioning System (GPS) - Mengukur kedudukan koordinat titik muka bumi
 Aerial Photogrammetry - Pengukuran dari udara

All subjects were all among the compulsory subjects to be taken. So diploma & degree in 3 years and 2 years and a half, a lot of interesting knowledge and experience have been collected and studied. But still has a little knowledge and also need to read and want to improve my skills and to collect more experience in the real working world. That is, if suddenly I feel especially diligent.

 It's fun learning surveying in the ocean. Various petroleum exploration tu kan, how do you want to know the status and location of the impact of existing petroleum near the middle of the sea after that how can we set up a floating iron near the middle of the sea tu excavation works for oil and gas inhalation.

4) Course Ukur in UTM were all good and fully equipped with alat ukur, (eventho alat tk canggih mcm UTM Skudai but still good) and lecturer semua berpengalaman lama sgt dlm bidang ni, and bonus we have doctors as a lecturer. sama je Uitm or universiti swasta like GSTC or Geomatika, semua sama, mungkin alat berbeza sedikit, but course ni memang balanced in teori and fizikal. 

5) Surveyor Jobs include a variety of skills and techniques, which sometimes overlap with the use of land resources and marine natural or built by humans and prepare or revise maps and charts or plans in digital, graphic and pictorial. Thus they combine various skills in different ways to serve in the specialty, assisted by technicians and other assistants only in groups only.

The Classified Jobs in the Field Survey Are As Follows:
  • Juru Ukur Am
  • Ahli Kartografi
  • Juru Ukur Tanah
  • Juru Ukur Lombong
  • Juru Ukur Hidrografi
  • Juru Ukur Udara
  • Ahli Fotogrametrik
  • Juru Ukur Binaan
  • Juru Ukur Tani
  • Juru Ukur Bahan

If you wanna go for further studies at overseas with this course like Canada or Australia, or what not, it will be under faculty geoscience or civil engineering faculty. Wallahi I really want to continue my study at Tasmania, oh god please πŸ™πŸ»

In a nutshell, if you are that kind of person who afraid to explore new things and not an outdoor person, you better don't take this course. If you think that you match this course, welcome my dear, there's nothing to be nervous and jiwa hati tak tenteram, trust me it will be πŸ’― fun, and more teamwork.
So I wish you all very best of luck! 
Allah yuftah alaikum! 
Till then, 

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